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Markets & Applications

International growth markets are our business

As a provider of environmentally friendly, flame-retardant fillers and special oxides, we serve
growing markets around the whole world. These include:

  • cable industry
  • plastics industry
  • refractory industry
  • construction industry
  • chemical industry
  • ceramics industry
  • electronics industries
  • automotive industry

In these markets we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers, despite their high entry barriers.
This has been done with products that are optimally tailored to changing customer and market requirements, and which have proven convincing
because of their consistency in quality.


In addition, we are also benefiting from global growth trends such as electromobility, energy storage and stricter emission controls for internal combustion engines.
We support our clients in their efforts to optimize their products and processes and in so doing generate a decisive competitive advantage. 

For which application are you looking for a product?

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