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Association work by Nabaltec

Access to important markets and technologies

Nabaltec is active in a wide range of associations and working communities both domestically and internationally.

Associations offer a platform for exchange of technical know-how and technical training. In addition, they are also important drivers for our research and development when it comes to trends and developments in our sales markets. Through these associations, we actively take part in research projects or we develop new solutions in working communities in collaboration with other partners.

Nabaltec is a member in the following professional associations in Germany and internationally:

Nabaltec also cooperates with numerous renowned research partners. These include universities, public and private institutions, scientific societies and technology associations.


Nabaltec is a founding member of Pinfa

Nabaltec is a founding member of Pinfa (Phosphorus, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame Retardants Association), a "Sector Group" of the European Chemical Association (Cefic). Under the umbrella of Pinfa, producers of non-halogenated phosphorus, nitrogen and inorganic flame retardants (PIN FRs) commit themselves to continuously improve flame retardants in terms of their impact on the environment and health.

For this purpose, they seek dialog with companies that use PIN flame retardants in order to determine what their needs are. Pinfa also co-operates with national and international organizations (EU, OECD, UN), industry and consumer organizations as well as NGOs. 


Nabaltec in dialog with the media

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