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Management Systems


The quality of our products and services is our key success factor. Our management system is based on international standards, in particular on ISO 9001. We commit ourselves to implement all necessary measures in order to meet our customer requirements.

To achieve these goals, we train our staff in the best possible way. We constantly involve all employees in the continuous improvement process to optimize quality, service, costs and technology. Our employees are aware that the future of our company and job security can only be guaranteed through customer satisfaction.

Safety at work

Ensuring safety at work is an equal corporate goal in addition to economic interests as well as quality and environmental goals. We ensure that we comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety requirements at a high level.

Our employees are our most important asset. We ensure the greatest possible protection at the workplace with technical, organizational and personal means. Through targeted training and further education of all our employees, we ensure that we meet the high expectations given. Accidents are never coincidences. We consistently analyze the circumstances that could have led to an accident in the workplace and take corrective actions.

Environmental protection

It is a defined goal of Nabaltec AG to minimize the impact on the environment during all activities:

  • Development and distribution of products that do not burden people or the environment
  • Ensuring a safe working environment for our employees
  • Orientation of our manufacturing processes and procedures in balance with ecology and economy
  • Avoidance of waste as well as recycling and environmentally disposal of unavoidable waste
  • Attention to the optimal use of energy and the careful handling of raw materials in all areas


It is a defined goal of Nabaltec AG to ensure the optimal use of energy and resources in all its activities. Nabaltec AG desires to reduce energy consumption in the long term and to increase energy efficiency in a continuous improvement process. Nabaltec AG will ensure that the necessary financial and structural conditions are met.

All employees of Nabaltec AG are integrated into the implementation and execution of the energy management system according to their tasks. The energy effects of our production processes are tested, assessed and, if necessary, optimized. When purchasing new equipment, energy-efficient variants are preferred. The use of new technologies in production, processing and application of our products ensures that the energy is used efficiently.

The open dialogue with customers, suppliers, authorities and the public is actively pursued by Nabaltec AG.


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