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Nabaltec is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly, flame-retardant fillers and special oxides. These highly specialized products have been developed using aluminum hydroxide and aluminum oxide as a basis, and they are sold primarily for two market segments, namely "Functional Fillers" and "Specialty Alumina". To provide one example, flame-retardant fillers are used in cables and electronic devices. In case of fire they can delay its spread and suppress the development of environmentally harmful and unhealthy smokes and fumes. Special oxides are used e.g. for various machine components as well as in the refractory industry.

Nabaltec manufactures at three locations in Germany and the USA. In recent years we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier in our international target markets. Our export share is over 73%. Nabaltec employs approximately 500 people and generated annual sales of 218.8 million Euros in 2022. The Executive Board is manned by Johannes Heckmann (Chairman), Günther Spitzer (Finance) and Dr. Alexander Risch (Operations).



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