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Nabaltec takes its ecological responsibilities seriously


We are proud that our products contain no hazardous substances and thereby support the global trend towards the use of environmentally friendly products. For us it is self-evident that our research & development, production and logistics should be extremely environmentally friendly.

Dr. Alexander Risch COO of Nabaltec AG

Environmentally friendly products

We make an important contribution to environmental protection and to improving the ecological credentials of numerous products for our customers. As two examples, Nabaltec products are replacing nitrogen oxides in diesel particulate filters as well as bromine halogenated flame retardants used in plastics. In our R&D activities, in production as well as in logistics, protection of the environment is a prime consideration as well.

Resource-conserving production

We are committed to minimizing our impacts on the environment. For example, we employ new technologies to considerably reduce our needs for washing water. The sparing use of natural resources is second nature to us and a fundamental prerequisite for the high social acceptance which Nabaltec enjoys. Together with our partners we have developed procedures that require significantly less process energy and which in so doing produce significantly lower CO2emissions. Most of our energy requirements are met together with the Schwandorf Association for Waste Incineration through the use of renewable energy. 

Nabaltec relies on closed production cycles

We employ closed production cycles wherever this is feasible. This means that chemicals (e.g. sodium hydroxide) used for the production of superfine hydroxide are not discharged into the environment, but rather recycled for re-use. Because of these closed cycles we are able to reduce or even completely avoid the production of any emissions or waste.



Nabaltec products are REACH compliant

In order to be able to produce and distribute products in the EU, our chemicals must be registered under the REACH scheme (pan-European regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances). This includes an assessment of the risks of the substances. All Nabaltec products are REACH compliant and possess the relevant listings in their individual target markets.


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